Hair Tinsel (5min) $20 Per Bundle

Not your basic one strand tinsel that is placed in your hair via knot or metal bead. We've kicked it up a notch by giving you not one but several pieces of custom selected tinsel installed into your hair via keratin bond! Guaranteed to last longer, be more noticeable & blend better than traditional methods! 

Feather Hair Extensions (5min) $20 Per Bundle

Cute long colorful feathers that can be washed and styled like your own hair! Re-usable & still trendy since 2011!

Formal Half Updos (1hr) $55

Any half up, half down type style.

Formal Updos (1hr) $75

Putting all that hair up in a do with use of 1000 bobby pins and whatever other accessories we need for the style - pssstttt, you also keep everything I use!

Pinterest Curls (30min+) $30
Individual service that does not include blowout, just wand work for Pinterest worthy results that last for days! You say your hair "won't hold a curl?" Challenge me, sis! 

Flat Ironing (30min+) $30
Individual service that does not include blowout, just flat iron work for hair smoother than your ex boyfriend's flirting abilities!

Complimentary Consultation (15min) $FREE
Up to 15min chat about your desired service! We will discuss maintenance, pricing, realistic expectations, possible outcomes and time needed to complete service!

Blow Out (1hr) $45

A custom blowout with use of professional shampoo + conditioner + the perfect cocktail of products to accomplish the best blow ya ever had! Heat styling included if desired!

Detox Treatment Add-On $20
This treatment is an excellent addition to any color, cut or blow out for those who wish to rid any significant buildup.

Hard Water Treatment Add-On $25
A treatment meant to kick hard water in the ass! Is your blonde always turning dull/discolored over time? If so, this treatment is for you! Targets + removes that discoloring build up from the hair that also causes further issues such as the hair's ability to lighten, shine, absorb proteins & more! A water filter is highly recommended to continue getting the most out of this treatment.


Sweet N' Simple Haircut (1hr) $65
Specifically for the individuals who wish to maintain what they've got, or cut off a few inches! Any combination of a trim, adding/maintaining layers, texturizing, bangs, or face framing! Includes a wash, blowout and finishing style of your choice! 

Total Transformation Haircut (1.5hr+) $90
For the one who wants a drastic change in their look! Completely customized/more involved cut that requires a total reshape using advanced techniques in order to achieve desired results. Includes a wash, blowout, finishing style/mini how-to styling tutorial!

Clipper Cut / Under Cut (30min) $45
Quick + completely custom cut using only clippers! Includes neck + sideburn trimming/shaping, wash and styling of your choice!

Short Haircut (45min) $55

A combination of scissors, clippers & texture shears used to maintain pixie lengths or shorter! Includes neck + sideburn trimming/shaping, wash and styling of your choice!

Bang Trim / Neck Trim / Thinning Out (30min+/-) $15

Does not include blowout or heat styling.


Full Blown Blonde Babe (4hrs+) $80 PER HOUR
Strategic lightening of roots, mids and ends of hair for a full platinum effect. Includes K18 treatment and toner! 

Partial Highlights / Babylights / Foliyage (2hrs) $145
Top half of head with a custom foil technique. Bottom half of hair is left out for extra contrast and dimension. Ideal for those who don’t frequently put their hair up! K18 treatment & toner included!

Pop Foils (1.5hrs) $110

Up to 10 weaved/baby-lighted foils placed however you like for whatever desired result you're looking for! K18 treatment & toner included!

Pop Balayage (1.5hrs) $130

Up to 10 balayaged foils placed however you like for whatever desired result you're wishing to achieve! K18 treatment & toner included!

Full Highlights / Babylights / Foilyage (3hrs+) $185

Full head of custom foil technique for a jaw-dropping dimensional result! K18 treatment & toner included!

Full Balayage / Ombre (4hrs+) $215
Full head of custom hand painted lightness for an all over sunkissed, Pinterest worthy result! K18 treatment & toner included!

Partial Balayage (2hrs+) $190
Half head of custom hand painted lightness for an all over dimensional, Pinterest worthy result! K18 treatment & toner included!

Blonde Babe Root Touch Up (2hrs+) $155

This service is for the full bleach out blondes who need those roots touched up! Includes use of K18 treatment and a refresh of your toner!


Root Maintenance (2hrs) $90
Single process color touching up regrowth only. Typically regrowth from a 6-8 week period! Anything beyond the typical touchup period will have a $10 extra product fee added. Wash, blowout and style included. 

All Over Color (2.5hrs+) $120

One single color applied to all the hair- roots to ends. Not blonde, not balayage… think reds, browns, blacks, etc!

All Over Gloss (30min+/-) $75

Got brass that’s a pain in the ass, or yellow making you mellow? Nothing a gloss can’t fix! This translucent color application rids undesirable tones, revealing beautiful and shiny color after! This can add color or be completely clear adding shine only!

Gloss Add-On Service (15min+/-) $40

Discounted with any root color service! 

Color Correction (5hrs+/-) $100 PER HOUR
For those who have A LOT going on that calls for multiple processes in order to achieve desired results. Corrections are a LOT of work and are VERY be prepared to spend some TIME with me! Luckily though this service is priced per hour & includes anything and everything we need to do to get the job done and your hair looking perf! Please contact me prior to booking for a mandatory consultation + deposit!

Long / Thick Hair Extra Product Charge $20/per bowl
Dangggggg, you got some HAIR! Although it's not your fault, I still gotta use some extra product & that s%*t's expensive now a days! Beyond 3 refills will incur an extra charge. This will be disclosed during consultation if it applies to you!


These services are priced hourly due to the unpredictability of timing it may take to achieve your desired look! All times listed below are minimums in most scenarios; always set your budget for 1-2hrs longer than time quoted due to unpredicted hair scenarios. This process is approached with extreme detail, precision & attentiveness in order to achieve the best results possible. An in-person consultation is required prior to booking this service, no exceptions! Vivid Hair Color services include a complimentary mini maintenance kit which consist of a sample sized shampoo & conditioner, dry shampoo, color bomb (if applicable), hair care sheet & hair treatment. These are all essentials that are highly recommended in order to maintain a Vivid Hair Color service with the utmost care possible! Due to the large space these appointments take up in my schedule, a $100 deposit is required upon booking all Vivid Hair appointments in order to secure your spot. The deposit will go toward your total service cost the day of your appointment. The deposit is non-refundable, but able to be transferred once before a new deposit is then required to secure a future spot in my books.
Mermaid, Fantasy, Vivid, Creative Color, Unicorn Hair, etc. all mean the same thing: these terms are often used to describe pretty much every fun hair color that is unfortunately un-able to be grown naturally from our own head!

Full Head Vivid Color (6hrs+/-) $85 PER HOUR

Ideal for the virgin haired (or non virgin haired) mermaid to be! This service includes lightening all of your hair roots to ends with the use of Olaplex & toner + K18 treatment, perfectly prepping it for us to then apply any fun color combo you’d like! Includes a complimentary mini maintenance goodie bag!

Vivid Hair Touch Up (3hrs+/-) $75 PER HOUR
Ideal for the full head fantasy color babes who wanna rid that regrowth! This service includes a root touch up and mermaid color refresh! Includes lightening of the roots, olaplex treatment, all over mermaid color touch up, wash, blow dry + style! 

Fantasy Rewind (2-4hrs+/-) $95 PER HOUR

Done with the colorful colors? This service is for you! A Fantasy Rewind service includes vivid hair color removal, toning, as well as a restorative treatment to revive those luscious natural locks you had! 

Vivid Color (1.5hrs) $100

Applying any one vivid colors onto pre lightened hair or hair you wish to not lighten. Additional colors are $10 per customized shade used! 

Creative Color Ombre/Balayage (5hrs+/-) $85 PER HOUR

Hair is lightened as close or as far from the root as you wish  with the use of K18 and toner of course! Then whatever fun colors of your choosing are applied! Ideal for those wanting a fun color with low maintenance!

Partial Vivid Hair Color (4hrs+/-) $85 PER HOUR
The entire underside of your hair lightened to perfection to apply any fun colors of your choice! Includes olaplex, pre-tone, any color combo application, wash, blowdry & style!

Fantasy Streaks (1.5hrs+/-) $115

Small streak of color ideal for the kiddos, those who want the infamous tik tok hair or those just entering the world of color! Includes lighting with Olaplex & toner if needed. 


Casual Queen Makeup Application (1hr) $55

For someone who doesn't want a complicated/ time consuming look! Does not include false lash application!

Oh So Extra Makeup Application (1hr+) $75
For someone who wants to go full glam with the use of extremely advanced techniques! Think winged liner, multiple shadow colors, glitter, cut creases, etc.! Does not include false lash application!

"Just the Eyes" Makeup Application (30min) $45
Professional brows/eyeshadow/liner only application! Does not include full face. Ideal for those who do not know how to properly blend shadows, or want a more advanced look. Pinterest inspiration photos preferred prior to application! Does not include false lash application!

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lashes) (5min) $5

Bring your own lashes: application add on service.

Brow Shaping (15min) $15

With use of tweezers + mini scissors, I will shape and trim brows to perfection!

False Eyelashes + Application (5min) $15+

The cherry on top of every makeup look! I provide the false lashes as well as put them on. Starts at $15 - Choose from a wide variety of Ardell lashes I have on hand, or upgrade and purchase a re-useable pair of our exclusive in house brand, 3d mink lashes and keep them after! All lashes can be reused multiple times with proper after care.

Bridal Hair + Makeup (2hrs+) $300+
Elegant complete look of soft bridal glam makeup, lashes + hair style of choice on bride. Any additional bridesmaids $75 hair, $75 makeup of choice. These prices include travel if within a 50 mile radius + a touch up kit. Anything outside that will incur $1 per mile round trip. 

Traveling / Other Event On Site Makeup Services

Please reach out for a custom price quote to fit your specific needs for your special event!


Custom Colored Extensions CONSULT REQUIRED
You bring me your hair, and I custom color it to match yours to the T! This is guaranteed to be a thorough and professional job without the worry of missed patches of hair. There is a mandatory, in person consultation required for a quote + an estimated turn around time of 3-5 days.


Tape In Extension Initial Application (1-2hrs) CONSULT REQUIRED

Extensions that are installed via creating a sandwich between your hair and the extensions. The extensions are sticky and stick to each other and your hair in-between resulting in a seamless and flat outcome. Ideal for anyone with any hair density.


Sew-In Extension Initial Application / Move Up (1hrs+/-) $125 Per Row
This service includes the beaded track foundation placement & strategic sewing of the extension wefts - priced per row of hair needed to be installed. Hair price not included!


Tape In Extension Move Up (3hrs+/-) $200

This service includes the removal, washing, drying, re-tabbing/prepping, reinstallation, style + blending of the hair with tape in extensions.

Hair Extension Removal (1-2hrs+/-) $175
Ideal for those taking a break with their hair extensions of any kind. This is for the removal of your extensions, de-matting, washing, drying, proper preservation, & a blow out + style after!

Hair Extension Consultation (15mins) $FREE
Up to a 15 minute chat where we will discuss a method of which Hot Heads extensions are ideal for you, maintenance, cost, colors, and time needed to complete service! A consultation is required prior to any booked hair extension services! For quality control, HotHeads are the only brand I use.