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Hello friend, before you book, please take the time to read my policy below...

Vizzions Studio welcomes all humans of all kinds who bring good energy + positive vibes! if that sounds like you, I'm so ready to be hair besties!
But first, here are a few things ya gotta know!

My hours are: Monday - Wednesday 10-7pm, thursday 10-4pm. I do not work fridays or weekends!

My appointments are booked back to back, therefore i run on a strict time sensitive + appointment only basis. If you are running more than 15mins late, your appointment will need to be rescheduled or modified accordingly!

All new color clients must have an in person consultation prior to services being booked!

Once an appointment is booked, a text will be sent to you with your appointment details. Three days prior to the set appointment date, a confirmation text will be sent with a link that must be clicked in order to confirm. All appointments that are not confirmed risk being removed from my schedule automatically via my booking system. please be sure to confirm your appointment once that text is sent!

If an appointment needs to be modified, please let me know as quickly as possible so your spot may be filled.

I do not charge a cancellation fee at this time. However, excessive rescheduling or cancellations are not cool & will result in permanent banning from booking.

No calls / no shows are also not cool and will result in permanent banning from booking. 

If you are feeling sick or unwell in any way, please take care of yourself & reschedule your appointment!
There is never any penalty or hard feelings toward anyone who has to do this last minute - pinky swear!

If you need to contact me, please only do so by text - no phone calls! My phone automatically blocks unknown numbers assuming they are spam calls! texting lets me know you are human & allows me to get back to you when my hands aren't busy making some magic! 

Vivid hair color services + color corrections are subject to a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your space on my schedule due to the large time space they consume. This deposit will go toward your total service charge once the service has been completed. The deposit may be transferred only once, then a new deposit will be requested in order to secure a new appointment.

Now that we've got that out of the way...

By clicking this link, you will be redirected to my Vagaro website where I manage all online appointments!
Or you can text 704-746-5088 and I'll take care of it for ya!

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