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This is now your plug into what's the latest and greatest in the studio!

- If I have never done your hair before, a consultation in person is mandatory prior to booking your color service! Please be sure to contact me before booking anything on your own so I can ensure I have the time and product needed for the job!

- If you are sick / not feeling good, please please please do not book an appointment until you are well! Ya girl doesn't have time to catch your sickness!

- I do NOT charge a cancellation fee at this time, for the simple fact my clients are amazing at letting me know in advance if they must cancel. Please don't be the one that forces me to change this policy! If you must cancel an appointment, it is okay, sis! I am very understanding, but do need as much time in advance as you can give me! The bills don't pay themselves! 


- If you must contact me at all, please ONLY DO SO BY TEXT! This is for the simple fact that I get way too many robocalls so I do tend to ignore incoming calls from random phone numbers I do not have saved..assuming they're robots. Texting allows me to know you're a human and gives me time to respond back if I have my hands in some hair at the time. If you don't hear back from me within 24hrs, resend your message! Ya girl can be forgetful or your text may have gotten lost within the many I get on the daily! 

- I run on an appointment only basis to keep my day as structured as possible! Walk ins are welcome only for an inquiry about making an appointment, purchasing product, or to simply say hi! 

- My studio welcomes ALL humans of ALL kinds who bring good energy + positive vibes! If that sounds like you, I'm so ready to become hair besties!

Now that we've got that out of the way...

By clicking this link, you will be redirected to my Vagaro website where I manage all online appointments!


Text 704-746-5088

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